Who Is The Best Rock Climbers Of All Time? (Top 10) (2022)

Best Rock Climbers Of All Time 2022

Best rock climbers of all timen today’s world, there are many ways for being “famous.”

You can build a following on Instagram or YouTube by sharing content that others find interesting or appealing in some way.

Rock climbing is currently one of the top five hobbies for growth, according to a recently published national research in the United States called

Outdoor Recreation Trends & Futures.” The findings of the survey, which included 2060 people, were as follows:

So, who do you think is the Who Is The best rock climbers of all time?

The goal of this article is to explain why. Our goal is to give people the idea of who the most famous rock climbers of all time were and why they were so well-known.

Who are these individuals, and what have they accomplished? What do they claim to be famous for? Let’s find out more.

Quick Summary: Top 10 Best Rock Climbers Of All Time

Climbing has had its share of icons over the years, from daring free soloists to impossibly strong athletes to big wall legends.

This is my own top 10 climbers of all time – the legends that rise above the rest.

So, who do you think is the greatest climber of all time?

The following are the top 10 climbers in history:

1. Jim Bridwell

2. Warren Harding

3. Lynn Hill

4. Royal Robbins

5. Chris Sharma

6. Tommy Caldwell

7. Adam Ondra

8. John Long

9. Catherine Destivelle

10. John Bachar

It’s difficult to name the “greatest” climber of all time because technology, tactics,

And training have all advanced over time, allowing modern climbers to tackle considerably more challenging routes than their forefathers.

As a result, I’ve tried to evaluate not only the difficulty of the routes climbed, but also how far these climbers pushed the boundaries of their generation.

As a result, I’ve compiled the following list of the greatest climbers of all time.

Best Free Climbers Of All Time?

In this list of inspirational men and women, we’ve included both free-solo climbers and free climbers.


Without a question, Alex Honnold is the best free climber on the planet.

He’s only 31 years old, but he’s already created a reputation for himself by scaling some of the world’s most difficult faces in record time without any safety equipment.

He was the first climber to solo the famed Half Dome in Yosemite National Park in 2008.

Since then, he has climbed the Yosemite Triple Crown in 18 hours and 50 minutes, including Mount Watkins,

The Nose, and the northwest face of Half Dome. It’s enough to make your palms sweat just watching Honnold ascend.

Check out The North Face’s video above of Honnold climbing El Sendero Luminoso in Mexico, probably the most challenging rope-free climb in history.


Tommy Caldwell is regarded as one of the world’s best free climbers.

He’s noted for a number of climbs, including the first free ascent of El Capitan’s Dawn Wall alongside Kevin Jorgeson in Yosemite.

Six more El Capitan routes have been free-climbed by him.

Caldwell was once kidnapped and kept captive by rebel forces in Kyrgyzstan, until he shoved one of his captors down a cliff and escaped with his friends.

Oh, and he only has nine fingers due to an accidental table saw amputation. Nuts.


Steph Davis is a free-solo climber who has climbed all around the world.

She is the first woman to solo a 5.11 route and the second woman to free climb El Capitan in one day.

She lived in her car for years before becoming a professional climber.

Davis married Dean Potter, another well-known free solo climber, and then Mario Richard. Both were tragically killed while wearing wingsuits.

Davis is a vegan activist who also enjoys yoga.


Kevin Jorgeson’s most well-known ascent, alongside Tommy Caldwell’s, is the first free ascent of El Capitan’s Dawn Wall.

Many people thought it was impossible to climb one of the world’s most difficult big-wall climbs.

He’s been climbing since he was ten years old, and he’s always been motivated by the desire to go somewhere no one else has gone.

Jorgeson has been climbing projects all around the world since the Dawn Wall climb in 2015.

When he isn’t climbing, he volunteers with the Boys and Girls Club, a charity that assists refugees in Greece.


Among female free climbers, Catherine Destivelle is a legend. She’s one of those climbers who excels at free-soloing right out of the gate.

Before branching out into free-soloing, the Frenchwoman learned to boulder in Fontainebleau and went on to become a great sport climber.

In 1985, she soloed Spain’s notorious El Puro, and in 1992, she soloed Wyoming’s Devils Tower.

In the same year, Destivelle made history by becoming the first woman to solo climb the Eiger’s north face.


Alain Robert is known as the ‘French Spiderman’ because he scales the world’s biggest skyscrapers without the assistance of ropes or harnesses,

Including the Sydney Opera House, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

When Robert was 11 years old, he misplaced his house keys and decided to climb his parents’ seven-story building to gain access.

Because the majority of his attempts are illegal, Robert will arrive early in the morning to climb his preferred structure.


Adam Ondra, a 23-year-old Czech boulderer and sport climber, is one of the greatest in the world.

Over the last few years, he’s been crushing it at the World Championships while simultaneously succeeding in free climbing. In November 2016,

He became the second person to free climb the Dawn Wall, the world’s most difficult multi-pitch climb

(After Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson). We’re confident that this young man has a bright future ahead of him.


We couldn’t make this list without include Dean Potter, who is a legend in his own right.

He is arguably the most well-known free climber in the world, having taken on some of the world’s most difficult routes.

He’s known for soloing a piece of El Capitan and a number of other faces in Yosemite and Patagonia.

Potter is rumoured to have taken up BASE jumping in order to climb progressively more difficult free-solo routes.

He tragically died in a BASE jumping accident in Yosemite in 2015.

Top 7 Famous Female Rock Climbers

1.) Ashima Shiraishi

She is a professional American rock climber who began her career at Rat Rock in Central Park Manhattan when she was six years old.

She is now widely regarded as one of the top female climbers. She was the first woman to summit V15 in the United States (8c).

In addition, in 2020, she will compete in the first Olympic Climbing Games.

2.) Margo Hayes

Boulder, Colorado-based professional rock climber.

At the World Youth Championships in Guangzhou, she won both the bouldering and lead climbing events.

However, she is well renowned for being the first woman to climb 5.15 (9a+) in the world.

3. Alex Puccio

Is a professional boulderer from the United States who competes in national and international competitions.

She is regarded as one of the world’s most formidable climbers.

4.) Janja Garnbre

She began competing in the Lead Climbing World Cup senior category in July 2015, just a few months after turning 16.

She is a 19-year-old Slovenian climber noted for completing 5.13d on her first attempt.

5.) Brooke Raboutou

Brooke is an American professional climber who trains with the ABC Colorado squad.

Robyn Erbesfield, a well-known climber and the team’s principal coach, is her mother.

Brooke is the world’s youngest 5.14 climber.

6.) Shauna Coxsey

She is a British climber who has climbed V14 and frequently competes in IFSC competitions.

She is most recognised for winning the World Cup in 2016 and 2017.

7.) Miho Nonaka

She is a Japanese boulderer who began climbing at the age of nine with her father and competed in her first world cup at the age of seventeen.

Who Is The Best Sport Climber In The World Right Now, And What Makes Him So?

Currently? Definitely Adam Ondra. Sharma was mentioned in a few other responses, but he is much beyond his peak.

Last year, Ondra climbed the world’s hardest route (Silence, 5.15d), making him the best sport climber at the moment.

Best Free Solo Climbers Who Have Died?

John Bachar, Derek Hersey, Vik Hendrickson, Robert Steele, Dwight Bishop, Jimmy Ray Forester,

Jimmy Jewell, Tony Wilmott, and John Taylor are just a few of the high-profile climbers who have died while free soloing.

Famous Climbers In History?

There are a number of contenders for the title of most famous rock climber of all time.

The top climbers in the area have set world records, pioneered new routes, and undertaken death-defying climbs that may never be repeated.

We’ve got some well-known climbers who are noted for their skill and tenacity, as well as individuals who have pushed the limits of climbing and beyond.

These climbers’ stories have been told in books and videos, and some have even spawned memes.It is impossible to tell who the greatest climber of all time is.

Because there is so much competition, determining who is the current best is even more difficult.

We agree with Alex Lowe when he says, “The best climber in the world is the one who is having the most fun.”

Best Climber In The World 2022?

Adam Ondra concludes the year with a V16 boulder issue on a challenging route.

Adam Ondra has climbed the first ascent of Taurus, a new 5.15b named after him. It ascends the B skála Cave in Moravsk kras, Czech Republic, Ondra’s native land.

Who Is The Best Rock Climber In The World?

Adam Ondra, if we’re discussing male sport climbing. He was the first person to climb a 9c / 5.15d in 2017, has climbed more 9b+ rated routes than anybody else,

And he shows no signs of slowing down. With the world’s second 9c, Alex Megos is hot on Adam’s tail.

There are a few candidates in the Women’s category. We’d say Laura Rogora right now because she was only the second woman to climb 9b and has been onsighting at a high level.

She was focused on competition and climbing at the Olympics, but now that she has had more time outside, she is climbing harder than ever.

Who Is The Most Famous Climber In The World?

Alex Honnold, with a scepticism. He’s been on every other magazine cover and interviewed for any climbing event even remotely related to him in the rock climbing world.

You’ll hear the name of a rock climber if you ask anyone. It’s either that or “that insane guy who climbed El Cap sans ropes.”

Who Is The Best Boulderer In The World?

Based on the number of top-level boulders she’s climbed and the fact that she’s one of only a few women to have climbed 8C / V15, Ashima Shiraishi is the most likely candidate for Women.

She isn’t as interested in outside bouldering right now, though. Alex Puccio, Oriane Bertone, Mishka Ishi, Kathrin Lehmanns, and Mishka Ishi are all in the running.

Nalle Nukkataival, James Webb, or Daniel Woods are the most likely candidates for Men.

Nalle has climbed the world’s only 9A/V17 boulder (as several climbers have confirmed).

They’ve all climbed multiple 8C/V15 and 8C+/V16 boulders this year amongst the three of them.

Why Differentiate Between Boulderers And Sport Climbers?

The two are pretty comparable – albeit the scariness of sports climbing does take a bit of mental gymnastics.

Bouldering may be exhausting in terms of the sheer number of attempts on a single move or boulder.

There are numerous instances where a professional who focuses on the other performs exceptionally well.

Adam Ondra, for example, can boulder 8C+/V16 and Ashima Shiraishi can climb 9a/9a+. In many circumstances, the “greatest climber” is essentially just a matter of timing.

Famous Rock Climbers Who Died?

However, there are always inherent risks, such as loose rocks or a sudden change in weather.

John Bachar, Derek Hersey, Vik Hendrickson, Robert Steele, Dwight Bishop, Jimmy Ray Forester, Jimmy Jewell,

Tony Wilmott, and John Taylor are just a few of the well-known climbers who have died while free soloing.

Best Free Climber In The World Dies?

A well-known free solo climber died in Mexico after falling 300 metres while attempting to descend a cliff face.

In El Potrero Chico, a popular climbing site, American climber Brad Gobright, 31, abseiled over a rock with Aidan Jacobson, 26.

Who Is Considered The World’s Greatest Rock Climber?

Sport climbing, big wall climbing, trad climbing, soloing (unroped), and bouldering are all types of climbing.

Alex Honnold, who recently climbed El Capitan unroped, is without a doubt the best unroped solo climber.

Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgensen, who free climbed El Capitan’s

Dawn Wall with only their hands and feet and no slings hanging from gear, are the best large wall free climbers.

In sport climbing, it’s Adam Ondra, who just climbed the world’s first 5.15d in Flatanger, Norway, where he

“Created the world’s first 9c route, currently the world’s hardest and only route of this grade.”

Adam Ondra Climbs the First 9c in the World (5.15d) I’m not sure who the best boulderers are right now.

There’s also indoor gym climbing and climbing competitions, each with their own current stars.

Lynn Hill, without a doubt, since the article references “retired” climbers. In 1993, Lynn became the first free climber on El Capitan’s Nose route – Lynn Hill – Wikipedia.

She then went on to lead every pitch of the Nose in a single day.

Tommy Caldwell and Beth Rodden free-climbed the Nose in 2005, making it the first time this achievement had been repeated in 12 years.

Conclusion:  Best Rock Climbers Of All Time?

 Climbing has grown in popularity over the last few decades. Its freshly acquired Olympic prominence has ensured that it will remain popular for many years to come.

As a result, a new generation of outstanding young rock climbers — maybe larger than ever before – are breaking new ground and paving the way for a future of boundary-pushing. 5.16 and V18 could be coming soon…

It’s critical to celebrate the accomplishments of the younger generation while also commemorating the incredible feats of previous climbers who paved the way.

Keep a look out for climbers of all ages, genders, and styles who never seem to stop crushing. Because rock climbing encompasses so many disciplines and diverse types of obstacles,

It is impossible to pick out a single best climber in the world.

The list above is simply a small sample of the many incredible rock climbers that have done or are doing incredible feats around the world.

FAQ’s On: Best Rock Climbers Of All Time?

Best Rock Climbers Of All Time

Is Adam Ondra better than Alex Honnold?

Even more prominent climbers, like as Alex Honnold, agree that Adam Ondra is the best climber on the planet.

Honnold stated, “He’s virtually rewritten climbing in the last ten years.”

Ondra has climbed three of the world’s four most difficult routes; no one else has completed more than one.

Who are the greatest climbers in the world?

These Are the 8 Best Climbers in the World

Who is the best free climber of all time?

Alex Honnold

Without a doubt, Alex Honnold is the world’s best free climber.

He has established a tremendous name for himself throughout the world at the age of 31 by scaling some of the world’s most difficult faces in record time without any safety equipment.

Who is the greatest rock climber of all time?

Adam Ondra is the official record keeper.

Adam Ondra (born February 5, 1993), a Czech national, is often regarded as the world’s best climber.

He was already among the world’s finest climbers at the age of 13 and had won multiple contests, including the Lead World Cup at the age of 14.

How many climbers have died?

On Mount Everest, more than 200 people have died while climbing.

Many of the bodies have been left there as a terrible reminder to those who will come after them.

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