What Is The Best Brand Of Climbing Shoes In Terms of Quality? (2022)

best brand of climbing shoes right now is crucial since it will help you pick the ideal shoe for your climbing.

Because you can simply buy climbing shoes from them and trust their products, the top brand will assist you in finding the best climbing shoes.

What is the best climbing shoes brand to buy? is a question we get a lot. Although it’s difficult to give a definitive answer to this issue,

there are a few brands that have earned a reputation as outstanding climbing shoe makers over the last few decades.

What Is The Best Brand Of Climbing Shoes In Terms If Quality?

So, in the year 2022, here are the top 10 best brand for climbing shoes right now. So let’s get started right away.

La Sportiva

Narciso Delladio, an Italian entrepreneur, launched La sportiva in 1928. He started out making farm footwear and clogs.

Narciso Delladio helped Italian troops get personalised mountaineering boots during WWII. In 1950, he launched his La Sportiva brand of ski boots.

Climbing, mountaineering, and skiing boots made by La sportiva have become well-known. Their products can be found all around the world, including in the United States and Europe.

Rock climbing, mountain running, ice climbing, alpine climbing, and skiing are just a few of the sports that they support. Tommy Caldwell, for example, was a prior client of La sportiva.

Scarpa climbing shoes 

Scarpa was founded in 1938 in the same region of the Dolomites in Italy, and is regarded as one of the top climbing shoe brands in the world. Scarpa is an Italian word that means

“associated shoe manufacturing company of the Asolo Mountain Area.” It is also an abbreviation for

“Società Calzaturiera Asolana Riunita Pedemontana Anonima,” which translates to “Associated Shoe Manufacturing Company of the Asolo Mountain Area” in English.

The Instinct, Vapor, and, more recently, the Velcro are all fan favourites from the current Scarpa collection.

The Drago, a shoe developed by the renowned Heinz Mariacher, is at the top of the Scarpa line (creator of the Mythos and Miura). With its ultra-soft, ultra-light, and ultra-sensitive structure, the sneaker is as high-end as it gets.


Five ten is a German shoe company that focuses on climbing, mountain biking, and trail hiking. It was found in 1985 by Charles Cole. By October 2011, five ten had established itself as one of the most popular climbing shoe brands in the world.

Adidad paid $25 million for the company in November 2011. Herzogenaurach, Germany, is the location of their new offices. It is officially an official Adidas outdoor subbrand as of April 2020.

Five ten actively sponsors events and athletes, and they employ a number of professional athletes and teams to promote their products.

Five ten has signed athletes Shauna Coxsey, Dave Graham, Janja Garnbret, Sasha Digiulian, Tyler Landman, and Ammon Mcneely.

Five ten, a bold brand, is the global leader in high-performance, high-friction boots. Five ten produces footwear for some of the world’s most dangerous sports, including downhill mountain biking, rock climbing, and wingsuit flying.

Thanks to the aid of international and national athletes and mentors, as well as its world-class rubber testing and R&D centre, Five ten is the choice of the world’s most thrilling athletes.

Black Diamond

Climbers like Yvon Chouinard began hand-forging pitons and selling them from the trunk of his automobile in the late 1950s, and this is when black diamonds first appeared. Yvon Chouinard quickly made a name for himself as a high-end designer.

Climbing shoes from the Black Diamond brand are among the best available. The Black Diamond company is known for its moulded midsoles. The shoes will be far more sturdy and last much longer.

The midsoles are made of Pebax plastic. Pebax is used to make high-quality ski boots.

Your black diamond climbing shoes will preserve their shape and make your climbing a little easier, no matter how much time you spend running laps in the gym or climbing rock mountains.

Kasey Jarvis, the black diamond business’s chief design officer and a former GM and Nike employee, says when he first joined the company.

“I recall being astounded at how everyone had a basic understanding of metal, whether it’s forging, stamping, heat-treating, or whatever else you do with metal.”

Kasey and his team also began to reconsider how they approached the upper materials for the shoe. An “Engineered Knit” was discovered by the researchers.

Upper material that delivers the support, stretch, and breathability you desire.

The designed knit technology is present across the shoe range, starting with the momentum, which provides a full, breathable top that is ideal for gym climbing.

It also has a special knit on the tongue for added comfort.

– Unparallel

Following Adidas’ acquisition of the Five Ten brand, some of the company’s shoe designers formed Unparallel in 2017.

Don’t be deceived into believing this is a second-rate shoe because most of their shoes are remarkably similar to Five Ten’s leading models.

All of their shoes are created in California and feature all of the features that made the original 5.10 models famous throughout the world.

 Evolv climbing shoes

In the early 2000s, this American climbing firm made headlines with the release of the shaman. The Shaman is a high-performance shoe that helped usher in the surge of modern rock climbing styles,

thanks to a collaboration with rock climbing legend Chris Sharma (think showy, dynamic movement).

Since then, Evolv has continued to collaborate with great athletes to create new prototypes, like V15 crushing Ashima Shiraishi. Dai Koyamada, Daniel Woods, Alex Johnson, Paul Robinson, Steph Davis, and Kai Lightner are among the other players on the roster.

Butora climbing shoes

Butora, a Korean climbing shoe maker, is the most recent addition to this list. Nam Hee Do, a seasoned shoemaker, founded the company in 2014 when he released the Endeavor (an all around medium stiff shoe).

The Acro rapidly gained popularity as a high-performance, ultra-sticky slipper. These shoes became popular in the South Korean climbing community and are now available worldwide.

Butora is doing more than staying up with the race while its history is still being written. Their collection has grown to encompass a wide range of designs. Neo Fuse, their rubber,

readily competes with heavyweights like Stealth and Vibram. Their boots can be seen on the feet of a few pro climbers, particularly in the comp climbing community. We’re looking forward to seeing where this brand goes as it develops.

Mad Rock

Young Chu is the individual responsible for Mad Rock’s rebirth in 2002. When it comes to shoemaking, Chu has a long list of accomplishments. He spent ten years as the lead designer at Five Ten,

where he was instrumental in the development of many of the brand’s most popular shoes. He also alleges that his foot was shaped into some of their climbing shoe lasts.

Mad Rock has quietly dominated the performance shoe market for the past two decades with models like the Drone and Shark 2.0. Pro sportsmen like Matt Fultz and Jan Hojer are commonly spotted with a pair of Mad Rocks in their hands.


9A Climbing, a French shoe company, owns both 6A and EB climbing shoes. The company offers a small number of entry-level shoes under the 6A brand. They employ the EB brand for their performance shoes.

EB has the most extensive history of any climbing shoe manufacturer, having been founded at the dawn of the climbing revolution. Pierre Alain invented the PA boot in the 1930s,

which was the first shoe to bridge the gap between hiking boots and climbing shoes. In 1950, Edmond Bourdinneau purchased the company and renamed it EB.

This table should give you a good sense of which climbing shoe companies have dominated the market in recent decades.

Climb X

Climb X is one of the newest climbing shoe brands to hit the market in the United States. From their plants in China, they produce a variety of hardware.

There are currently 16 climbing shoes in their lineup, featuring something for every rock face and climbing style.

CONCLUSION: Best Brand Of Climbing Shoes

So there you have it: the top ten climbing shoe manufacturers in the world. You should have complete faith in their items. Athletes recommend Black Diamond, La Sportiva, and Five Ten.

These top 10 brands offer excellent features and are ideal for newcomers to crag climbing, bouldering, or gyms.

So they are the top climbing shoe brands currently then, so if you would like to know which of these manufacturers’ climbing shoes are the best, click here.

American Best Climbing Shoe Brands

Acopa climbing shoes

Acopa is one of the few Mexican-based climbing shoe brands. Ernesto Vazquez and Dario Piana established the business.

A succession of mishaps and terrible circumstances (including the death of John Bachar, a co-founder of Acopa USA) hampered the company’s progress at the turn of the century.

Acopa is based in San Diego, yet their tale began in Guadalajara, Mexico.

– Cypher

Cypher may not be a household name just yet, since they’re the only climbing shoe company in the United States that employs Vibram rubber. This alone is reason enough to have a look at their footwear.

– kN Climbing

kN climbing, maybe the most unique firm on this list, creates custom shoes that are absolutely unique to our foot’s form and size. The company employs cutting-edge 3D scanning technology to scan your foot,

which is then printed into a custom last and handcrafted to your exact requirements, including colour, stiffness, and rubber compound.

If you live in Colorado, you can make an appointment for a scan at their headquarters. If you live further away, you can scan your foot yourself with the Eclo app.

– So iLL climbing shoes

So iLL, like most dirtbag brands, had humble origins. As a result, iLL’s popularity has soared in recent years, owing to a winning combination of their fashion-forward style and collaboration with actor Jason Momoa.

Daniel and Dave Chancellor, two entrepreneurial brothers from southern California, founded the corporation. Today, this company produces a variety of climbing equipment and apparel, all of which are produced in their California factory.

Climbing Shoe Makers from Europe and Italy


While Alpidex only makes a few climbing shoes, this German manufacturer produces a wide spectrum of outdoor gear. There are six basic shoe styles in their current shoe line.

– Andrea Boldrini

This French company may be one of the smallest on this list, but they know their stuff when it comes to making high-quality climbing shoes.

Their shoe selection consists of five slipper-style climbing shoes that all include their signature yellow colour.

– Boreal

Boreal is one of the few climbing shoe brands with such a long history. This Spanish business may no longer be one of the market leaders,

but the Fire, which was released in 1979, was really the greatest thing to happen to climbing since about the introduction of nylon rope.

It Fire was the first shoe to include a climbing-specific rubber. The Fires assisted the Gallego brothers in opening the very first non-American route on El Captian, Mediterraneo, less than a year after their release.

Boreal may not be as well-known as it once was, but the Spanish shoemaker continues to produce fan favourites like the Ninja, Joker, and Mutant.

– Garra

Since opening their doors in 2001, GARRA has been proudly handcrafting their climbing shoes in their modest facility in Madrid. This Spanish firm specialised in climbing shoes, with five models currently available.

Vibram’s Xs Grip rubber is used in all of their shoes, which is a big plus in our book.

– Lowa

LOWA has been creating outdoor shoes but since 1920s, and while their hiking and mountaineering boots are arguably their most well-known product, they also have a decent climbing shoe line. The Rocket is a staple in their collection, with velcro, lace, and slipper options.

Today, the company’s facility in Jetzendorf, Germany, produces approximately 3 million pairs of outdoor shoes.

– Millet

Since 1945, Millet has been making mountaineering equipment. Their claim to fame and now they’re the first company that creates backpacks with brace support.

While the company’s first focus was on shopping and domestic requirements, it didn’t take long for them to realise the value of their designs to mountaineers.

Millet did not join the climbing shoe market until they purchased the French shoe producer One Sport. They now have a total of 12 different shoes based on two designs: the Rock Up and the Siurana Evo.

– Ocun

Ocun is a climbing shoe brand that originated in the Czech Republic and is known for its innovative climbing shoes and gear. Pavel Hendrych started constructing harnesses out of drogue parachutes in the early 1990s,

which gave birth to the brand. Pavel founded the Rock Pillars brand soon after, and the Feather, its first climbing shoe, was released in 1992.

Rock Pillars was integrated into another Ocun brand around the beginning of the century, and the company began producing famous models like the Ozone and Oxi.

– Red Chili

Stefan Glowacz, a German climbing veteran, and his longtime partner Uwe Hofstädter founded Red Chili (named after the music band).

They decided to build their unique shoe to service the German market after becoming unhappy with affordable shipping and unstable delivery from other European vendors.

– Saltic

Saltic is another jack-of-all-trades climbing brand that sells anything including ropes and ice axes to shoes and clothing.

– Tenaya climbing shoes

Tenaya has been making climbing shoes that since late 1990s, but it has only been especially in recent years that they have truly established themselves as a global brand.

This Spanish climbing shoe manufacturer has quietly contributed to some of the sport’s biggest accomplishments over the previous 20 years.

Sponsored athletes smashed barriers around the turn of the century, including Josune Bereziartu, the first woman to climb 9a, and Ramón Julián Puigblanque, who used the Tenaya TA to win two world championships.

Collaborations with Alex Megos, Chirs Sharma, and Jimmy Webb have helped propel Tenaya into the international spotlight in recent years.

– Tulson Tolf

Another Spanish climbing firm with a passion for and history of producing high-quality gear. They specialise in climbing shoes, however they do provide a limited assortment of accessories.

Their shoe selection is wide, including shoes for novice gym rats all the way up to experienced mountain climbers.

The company is dedicated to environmental sustainability, using vegan-friendly products and lowering the quantity of chemicals used in the manufacturing process. Furthermore, they use recycled packaging and carbon-neutral shipping options.

– Triop

Since the early 1990s, this Czech manufacturer has produced a variety of climbing shoes, hiking boots, and sandals.

They are one of the few producers of Vikram climbing shoes, with a current line-up of 16 shoes specialising in various climbing styles.

– Wild Climb

Since the early 1990s, this Czech manufacturer has produced a variety of climbing shoes, hiking boots, and sandals.

They are one of the few companies who make Vibram climbing shoes, with a current line-up of 16 shoes designed for different types of climbing.

Climbing Shoe Manufacturers from Asia and Japan


Despite the fact that Japan has a significant climbing culture, there has been a severe scarcity of climbing shoe brands until Asakusa opened their doors in late 2017.

Asakusa currently only has three shoes in its range, as it is still early days for this climbing shoe business. According to the firm, the shoes are made for a “Japanese foot type” with a narrower heel.

What Is A Good Brand Of Rock Climbing Shoes For Beginners?

However, the best bet is to try on a few and find ones that fit your foot form. Instead of a genuine starter shoe, which you would most likely want to upgrade in a short period of time,

I generally recommend a slightly aggressive all-around shoe. Sizing varies depending on the shoe’s design and materials. You don’t need to acquire some masochistic little shoe, contrary to popular belief.

The shoe should snugly fit around the entire foot, with the toes slightly curling at the front and a small to no gap in the heel.

Leather shoes will extend a halfway to a full size over time, whereas synthetic shoes will only expand a fraction of a size, so if you do acquire a leather shoe, get one that is fairly tight at first;

it’ll still break in within the first few weeks of climbing. Leather also has the advantage of not smelling like synthetic shoes, but there are occasional exceptions.

Lace shoes are often more comfortable than velcro shoes, however both have wonderful options. This is another scenario where you’ll want to try on a few to evaluate if things fit your foot.

For all-around shoes, here are some broad suggestions:

tiva\sMythos\sKatana\sMuira (Only if it precisely fits your foot; otherwise, it’s too aggressive for entry shoes.)





Black Diamond

What Is The Best Brand Of Climbing Shoes?

Your query does not have a single response. It all depends on your feet, your climbing grade, and the types of climbs you intend to accomplish. For example, a shoe that performs well on slabs may fail miserably in a cave.

Some shoes are fantastic for persons with wide feet, but they won’t suit you if you have narrow feet. Five-ten, La Sportiva, Evolve, Black Diamond, and Scarpa are just a few of the good brands,

but there are many more. Your best bet is to visit your local climbing club and get guidance based on your needs.

But if you’re looking for an answer, I recall having a talk with a resoler who claimed that the Scarpa Boostics are the best-made shoes and that each pair takes an incredible amount of time to make.

Scarpas, in my experience, endure an eternity. I’m guessing it’s due of the high quality? Idk. The rubber is fantastic.

Several people have told me that after a few travels, the soles of their sportivas totally delaminate at the toe. They swap them out, and the new pairs are fantastic.

I believe La Sportiva has some quality control concerns, resulting in lemons reaching the shelf. Apart from the lemons, good rubber and materials.

Vegan rubber is used in Evolv’s sneakers. Good for those who care, although their rubber has always seemed to me to be a little lacking. However, for the price, it’s a good buy.

I understand that the performance of five ten shoes deteriorated once Addidas purchased them, but I stopped wearing them before they could be bought. They were made of good rubber and appeared to endure a long time.

However, you should purchase climbing shoes that are appropriate for your feet and climbing needs.

What Brand of Climbing Shoes do Professionals use?

Most professional climbers, like athletes in other sports, wear whichever climbing brands would sponsor them. The most well-known climbers are sponsored by the most well-known corporations, which have the greatest money.

To my mind, this does not imply that climbers select the finest brand; rather, they select the brand that best compensates them. On the other hand,

None of these climbers would attempt to climb in poor-quality footwear. As a result, the climbers select a high-end brand that can afford to compensate them.

Here’s a list of some of the most well-known climbers who are currently sponsored by each company. There are many more, but these are some of the most well-known climbers.

Alex Honnold, Tommy Caldwell, Margo Hayes, Adam Ondra, Emily Harrington, and Hazel Findlay represent La Sportiva.

Best Climbing Shoes Brands

The less aggressive Butora brand shoes have some really durable rubber, which is nice for toe draggers indoors on sandpaper walls, and here’s a breakdown of some of the most famous I assume for shoe recommendations.

The major difference I’ve noticed in shoes for those who mostly climb outside is that they want more sensitivity in their toes.

Otherwise, your preferred climbing style should be a better decider of the shoe: if you’re a boulderer trying to go to higher grades, overhangs,

and crap foot chips, try shoes with a defined toe point (evolv luchador, say) and more aggressive arch camber. Look for less aggressive shoes & possibly even’slippers,’ like the 5.10 Moccasyms, if you enjoy lead, slab, slopey climbing, or smearing.

Most people fall somewhere in the middle, so the LaSportive Miura would be a good pick if you’re looking to grow as a climber. The evolv shamans might be a little below the price point and aggression (definitely cheaper).

Best Brand Of Rock Climbing Shoes

As previously said, the fit, not the performance, is the most significant consideration when choosing climbing shoes. For example, because I have really high arches, I prefer shoes with a more aggressive shape.

There are also additional things to think about. My first pair of shoes were Evolvs, which were constructed of synthetic material.

Despite the fact that they were nice shoes, they stank like hell no matter how many times I washed them. Since then, I’ve attempted to locate shoes with as much real leather as possible, as synthetics have a tendency to retain odour (in my experience).

Velcro shoes are also lot easier to alter on-the-fly and significantly more handy than lace-ups, in my experience.

The La Sportiva Testarossa was my favourite shoe of all time. Also excellent are the solutions.

I’ve been using Scarpa Vapors for a couple of years because they fit like a glove and are (relatively) inexpensive.

However, I don’t think the Scarpas are very long-lasting (particularly where rubber and leather are joined by glue).

But I don’t mind wearing them for 3 hours at a time (assuming my toenails are clipped to a good length).

La Sportiva creates some of the best sneakers out there, in my opinion and from what I’ve heard from others. Miura, Katana, Futura, and especially Solutions and Testarossa, as well as the entry-level Nagos, have all received glowing reviews.

The new Mad Rock Sharks have also received positive feedback. According to what I’ve heard, Mad Rocks has developed a reputation for low-quality shoes in recent years,

but I spoke with Tiffany Hensley, who is sponsored by Mad Rock, a few days ago, and she seemed upbeat about the Sharks. I’ve also heard nice things about the Blackwings and the Five Ten Dragons.

I’m also interested in trying the Scarpa Instinct VS. I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone who owns a pair.

People Also Ask:? Best Brand Of Climbing Shoes?

What kind of shoes are best for climbing?

La Sportiva Zenit — Men’s & Women’s — Best All-Around Shoe for Beginners

Evolv Defy Velcro is the runner-up for Best Beginner Shoe.

La Sportiva Tarantulace — Men’s & Women’s — Best Budget

Scarpa Drago — Men’s & Women’s — Best for Steep Sport Routes & Bouldering

Is Scarpa a good climbing shoe brand?

Scarpa is a well-known climbing shoe manufacturer, and the majority of their offerings are on the higher end of the price spectrum.

Is evolv a good brand of climbing shoes?

The Evolv Shaman is an excellent sport climbing shoe at a reasonable price for those of you who want a lot of performance for your money.

What shoes does Alex Honnold climb in?

Alex Honnold wears a size 6.5 shoe. In both the TC Pro and Solution, Alex Honnold wears a size 46 (US 8.5). He’ll go up half an EU size for longer climbs for added comfort.

What climbing shoes does Daniel Woods use?

Daniel Woods wears the Evolv Phantom

Evolv sponsors Daniel Woods, and he has worn a lot of their footwear. One of his favourite shoes was the Evolv Agro.

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